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About – Dipstrategy Digital Agency Jakarta

Our story as a digital agency in Jakarta starts when the best web concept, web designer, and web developer, were assembled to listen to your story.

Each one of us is a good listener and together we are good storytellers. We re-create your story in a way that everybody needs to know and spread it out in a way that everybody wants to hear.

Our team members were already in the online industry since the beginning of the burst of the dot-com bubble in 2001 with Profescipta. We understand that the online markets have the most dynamically changing behavior. We understand that technology alone cannot speak for itself. We understand that although people are getting smarter every day, they need people like us to bring technology back to earth.

But even with all that, we are nothing. We are nothing without your story. It’s your story that drove us this far and we intend to keep it that way.


To Become the Most Respectable Digital Agency by Providing High-Performance Digital Asset and Activation


  1. Creating high-performance digital assets and activation that help institutions have a better relationships with people that matter to them

    Kami membantu klien untuk hadir di media digital secara lebih efektif, mendekatkan mereka ke pasar dengan cara mendengarkan, menciptakan, dan membesarkan kisah mereka melalui kanal online yang terarah

  2. Increasing corporate value by creativity, innovation, and human resource development
    Meningkatkan nilai perusahaan melalui kreativitas, inovasi, dan pengembangan SDM
  3. Implementing good corporate governance that brings profit and benefit for every stakeholder
    Menjalankan prinsip kerja yang baik sehingga membawa keuntungan dan manfaat bagi semua pihak
    as an digital agency we focusing Creating High Performance Digital Assets, Delivering 600+  Projects for  120+ Clients, Which average 5 projects/client for 10 Years. Visit our Portfolio
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As a customer oriented digital agency, we love to hear your story. Please contact us to chat about you.

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