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Social media has become part of our lifestyle. Its the first thing that we check when we start our day, when we check on our love one, on our competitor, and when we end our day.

Hence, social media has become the main battleground of marketing and
promotion, where people and brand
battle for awareness and engagement.

Good marketing strategy does not just provide special offerings, but also makes the message stay on our top of mind, and make a gradual push to become real purchasing action.

In this modern business era, inevitably, the way a business is run has already shifted from mainly offline activities to heavily rely on online ones. Ranging from setting up a production site, creating distribution channels, to marketing and sales activities, all is done through a set of online activities. Not only the company but also the market itself has also already shifted from traditional offline to modern online, all thanks to the penetration of social media.

Social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. now not only acts just as a promotional channel but also as an integrated digital marketing platform that helps to reach both existing and potential customers. Every business that takes serious attention to its customers should have social media channels for these reasons:

  • Dipstrategy customer suppport
    Building customer trust and understanding about your company purposes
  • Dipstrategy potential
    Develop brand awareness for potential market and build brand loyalty for the existing market
  • Dipstrategy revenue
    Generating more revenue by promoting special offerings
  • Dipstrategy touchpoint
    Company touchpoint to introduce its culture and value

Focus and Dedication

Dipstrategy Focus and Dedication

As promising as it sounds, social media can be very difficult to handle. It is not a one-night job to introduce your brand and reach targeted market segments.

It requires focused market analysis to develop its strategic plan while taking very serious attention to detail to develop the content. It needs the experience to choose a suitable media. It requires persistence and patience to build a brand and manage a digital audience, all with alignment with company strategic goals in mind. Hence, it is required to have a strategic and well-executed digital marketing plan.

At DiPStrategy - Digital Agency Jakarta, we are glad to help you build it and execute it consistently. Here are some of the services that we can provide to build brand awareness and loyalty through social media:

  • Dipstrategy tactical
    Thematic and tactical digital marketing strategy
  • Dipstrategy visual design
    Editorial plan and visual design development
  • Dipstrategy ads
    Advertisement display
  • Dipstrategy interaction
    Interaction and awareness building under SLA
  • Dipstrategy leads
    Leads development
Contact us to discuss your branding and social media needs further.

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Social Media Management


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